Insider Tips For Going On TV

Last week I told you about being interviewed on Global TV (the video link is at the bottom.) There was A LOT to prepare for, so here’s my quick list to help you when you get some PR (public relations)!

Media Interview Prep:

– 2 days of writing out my key messages and answers to mock questions

– 1 day of rehearsing out loud and recording audio and video on my phone to make sure I sounded natural

– watched online clips of Global TV studio interviews to note the backdrop colour

– went shopping and bought a bright teal blazer to contrast with the backdrop colour

– booked an appointment with my hairstylist for the morning of the interview

– booked a nail appointment, then canceled so I had more time to rehearse

– got makeup professionally done at Global TV

Now, you may watch my interview and think it went smoothly but right beforehand, I was quite nervous. This is what I put my clients through, so I put extra pressure on myself to knock it out of the park!

How do you think I did? Watch it here and tell me in the comments below!

My Dirty Secret (huffing and puffing!)

Have you ever climbed up a series of stairs and had to stop in the middle? You’re huffing and puffing, bent over, hanging on to the rail with your heart racing, thinking “Dang, I’m out of shape!”

Metaphorically speaking, that’s how I felt when preparing for a recent TV interview. I’ve been promoting the book I co-published (which became a #1 Bestseller in 5 categories on Amazon!) and was stunned during my rehearsal “mock interview.”

It was bad.

Here’s my #1 takeaway for you so you don’t end up in the same position!

Next week I’ll post my actual interview on Global TV. You can tell me how I did!

Find out more about my book HERE!

Be The Place Where Love Shines Through

Last week, I went to a celebration of life for a woman
who was influential in the business community, and
very influential to the early success of my business. It
was hard for me to accept that she had passed away.
Michelle was feisty, full of life, and only in her 40s.
Without question, I thought she would beat her cancer.

Michelle’s passing has been a sharp reminder that we
don’t have much time. The days are long but the years
are short. I feel I have so much more to say, so much
more to do, and yet… I’m taking these years for granted.
Later. I’ll get around to it later. Writing my book,
practicing yoga, patching up that relationship. Later.

What if there is no more later?

During her last few months, Michelle wrote this in her blog.

“Be the place where love shines through, because
it’s good for others and very good for you”

I think about Michelle and about these words everyday.
How can I be that place where love shines through, when
doing so feels scary? I long to be that place, and yet it’s
easier to turn away and play it cool.

So I’m trying it out. In small moments, sitting frustrated in
traffic, I say “be the place where love shines through” and
my annoyance dissolves. I’m left feeling connected to my
deeper self. It places the minutia of life into expansive

In big moments, it means expressing the fullness of my
deepest joy, my most shameful pain and my truest love.
Personal expression and writing is a big part of that. So
is giving voice to others.

I’m so grateful to do this work for my brave clients. What an
honour to help give birth to these voices. It’s so exhilarating
to hear and amplify the burning desires of people who want
to change lives.

So what about you?

How can you be the place where love shines through?

Tell me about it in the comments below.

Read about Michelle’s extraordinary life HERE.

In light,

Do People Understand You? Or Are You Just Mouthing Off?

If you ever get the feeling that you’re not being heard…
maybe it’s because you *mumble*.

How can you fine tune your mouth like an instrument,
before you give a speech, or record a video?

Your kids, your partner, your customers may start
listening more to your mumbo-jumbo if you try this quick trick.

Try the “anti-mumbling” exercise and tell us how it went!
Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Dancing In My Panties: What NOT To Do!

What’s the riskiest thing you’ve ever done?

I tried something very daring and scary in front of
400 people. Personally, I thought I looked like a fool,
and the “Video Test” saved me!

p.s. My friend Jim’s article about the “Video Test”
is fascinating. Learn how to be a better leader and
read it here!

Have you had any memorable risky experiences?
Let us know in the comments below!

Spill Over Benefits Of Video

You may be hesitant to invest in on camera
performance training, but I assure you
that the spill over benefits are outstanding.

Being able to have confidence on video while
conveying your message in an impactful and
powerful way, is a skill you can learn!

PS. A technical aspect to this video could
have been tweaked to make a huge difference.
Can you guess what it is?

What is holding you back from investing in online performance training?
Let us know in the comments below!

Make Love to the Camera

Do you get nervous at the mere thought
of everyone watching your video?
You’re not alone.

This simple mindset adjustment can
change everything for you – it’s that
powerful and it works!

Try it out and let me know if you gained
more confidence with this tip.

Did you try making love to the camera? Nicely done!
Tell us about it in the comments below.

Lessons Learned from Tedx Talk

A lot of people ask me “What did you learn” from
your TEDx talk?” I learned it took way more time
than expected. My 11 min talk took *one whole month*
to prepare. I was also surprised by the reaction of
women. Here are the top 2 lessons that I took away
from my TEDx Talk.

If you have any questions about my TEDx talk, and how
I even got to speak at TEDx, ask away in the comments
section below! I’ll answer any question you have!

And remember.. Don’t get left behind – you can shine online!

How do you feel about being on video?
Let us know in the comments below!