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Program Overview

After training more than a thousand entrepreneurs and executives on presentation skills, Jaeny Baik has developed the “Influence Training” program. This training leverages the mental, emotional, and physical energies required to influence audiences, in addition to crafting strategic content. From stakeholder meetings to video marketing blogs, these communication skills are essential to pitch one’s ideas with confidence and persuasion. Once these skills are acquired, audience members feel like they know, like and trust you on camera. Impactful online videos are essential in today’s business from digital marketing, to building corporate culture across locations. This training program will explore various concepts and techniques that will enable executives and entrepreneurs to deliver powerful, impactful and influential messages on video.

Program Learning Objectives:

• To cultivate a “video mindset” by understanding key concepts that impact one’s relationship to the camera, including:

– Validation Gap,
– Perceived Perception Gap,
– Humanizing the Camera.

• To experience the skewed relationship between camera input levels and the energy output required for confident video performances.

• To write video scripts to ensure 3 key content elements are included.

• To execute video recordings that are technically strong with proper lighting, audio, framing, an eye for framing, backgrounds, and visual branding elements in wardrobe and makeup.

• To recite by memory and rehearse Jaeny’s signature “SHEEE” style of emotional expression using body language to establish trust on screen (eye contact, hand movements, etc.)

• To establish a pre-performance ritual before stepping in front of the camera which includes breath work, connecting to one’s body and reducing anxiety with emotional visualization.

• An understanding of higher-level performance techniques such as voice / tone, over animation, show-me-don’t-tell-me, and authenticity.

• To implement the techniques and concepts herein to create effective video content to help one’s business grow.

Course Components and Intended Learning Outcomes:

Module 1: Content and Script Writing (5 hours)
By the end of the module 1 of training, participants should be able to:

• Map out the 3 step content formula to ensure key message is audience focused
• Differentiate between writing for print versus writing scripts “to speak” by using shorter sentences, one thought per sentence, adding colloquialisms
• Apply the “Imperative Technique” to regroup and grab attention
• Use script writing templates as a foundation for their own topics
• Generate a list of relevant topics to create content calendar

Module 2: Presentation Skills Fundamentals (5 hours)
By the end of module 2 of training, participants should be able to:

• Learn how to cultivate the “video mindset”
• Grasp techniques for critical self-analysis for influential presence
• Utilize strategies for understanding and integrating foundational performance techniques and principles: hands, eyes, facial expression
• Know the techniques for optimized body placement on screen
• Use select strategies to inject your own business personality and branding
• Tackle advanced performance techniques such as the “walk and talk”, interviewing, props / product integration, and directing client video testimonials

Module 3: Technical Skills (4 hours)
By the end of module 3, participants should be able to:

• Understand the importance of framing, lighting and sound with simple techniques to ensure high-quality production value
• Utilize basic editing skills to trim “top and tail” of video and YouTube SEO
• Have confidence in using the latest and most efficient platforms for recording, uploading and posting videos online
• Assess videos and clearly mark strengths and weaknesses for performance and production

Assessment Method:

This training program is delivered in-person in a live, classroom setting. Students are assessed on their attendance and participation in the trainings, which ensure understanding of the material covered in the modules. Assignments are completed between training sessions during virtual lab hours – where support from the instructor is provided as necessary – and are crucial components of the course (total assignment time: 12 hours). The in-person course offers an opportunity to directly engage with the instructor, Jaeny Baik, and continuously improve their skills using feedback received. Participants get the chance to ask questions as they arise, work with others to find common solutions to problems, and perfect their on-camera performance in a real-time environment.

Cost, Hours and Duration:
This training course takes place over 7 months (1 session per month).

• Total Instructional Time = 14 hours (7 sessions @ 2 hours each)
• Virtual Lab Hours = 12 hours (approx. 4 hours per module)
• Total Training Time = 26 hours
• Program Investment: $3,500 + GST / person
• Program Location: BC Tech Association Innovation Hub or client location (10 participants max.)

Program Takeaways:

• Why so many people “freeze” or stiffen up when recorded on video.
• How to overcome that obstacle so potential customers want to work with you after watching your video.
• Content development for video blog topics
• How to optimize the 3 key formulas to write engaging video scripts
• A step-by-step process, so that you know what to do every time you step in front of the camera.
• Strategies to save time and record video blogs with ease using the Influence Training.
• Practical exercises that train you to record technically strong videos so you’re proud to post them online. This program isn’t just theory!

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About Jaeny Baik, the “Influence Training” Program Creator:
Jaeny Baik transforms entrepreneurs and executives from “zero to hero” on video. She has worked almost 20 years in media, including a decade as an award-winning reporter / TV host for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Jaeny holds a B.A. with Honours from the prestigious Trinity College at the University of Toronto, and has taken post-graduate studies in broadcast journalism at Ryerson University. She has also completed internal training courses at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for both radio and television.

Today, Jaeny helps entrepreneurs to conquer their video fears so they can secure more customers through online video marketing. Over the course of 6 years, more than a thousand entrepreneurs have trained under her programs. As a trainer, she’s led workshops in cities ranging from Victoria, St John’s, Dallas and Philadelphia. Participants walk away, a stronger spokesperson for their business with the understanding that performance skills can be learned.

As an in-demand speaker, her dynamic energy has lit up conference stages coast to coast across North America, including her recent TEDx talk. Jaeny Baik Media Inc. trains on-camera performance skills, and crafts stories and pitches with authenticity. Jaeny’s passion? Giving entrepreneurs a voice through video.

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