Insider Tips For Going On TV

Last week I told you about being interviewed on Global TV (the video link is at the bottom.) There was A LOT to prepare for, so here’s my quick list to help you when you get some PR (public relations)!

Media Interview Prep:

– 2 days of writing out my key messages and answers to mock questions

– 1 day of rehearsing out loud and recording audio and video on my phone to make sure I sounded natural

– watched online clips of Global TV studio interviews to note the backdrop colour

– went shopping and bought a bright teal blazer to contrast with the backdrop colour

– booked an appointment with my hairstylist for the morning of the interview

– booked a nail appointment, then canceled so I had more time to rehearse

– got makeup professionally done at Global TV

Now, you may watch my interview and think it went smoothly but right beforehand, I was quite nervous. This is what I put my clients through, so I put extra pressure on myself to knock it out of the park!

How do you think I did? Watch it here and tell me in the comments below!

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