Shine Online Performance VIRTUAL Program

Jaeny Baik’s signature “Shine Online Authentic Performance System” leverages the physical, mental and emotional elements required to deliver a powerful, engaging message on video.

Here’s what you’ll discover!
– how to overcome “freezing” or stiffening up
– a step-by-step process so you know what to do every time you step in front of the camera
– strategies to save time and record video blogs with ease
– fun, practical exercises that train you to record strong, technical videos so you’re proud to post them online. This program isn’t just theory!

The Shine Online Performance VIRTUAL Program is a combination of:
– module training
– exercises that you can practice at your own pace

In Module 1:
We set the foundation for your video journey, targeting past insecurities. Set your new attitude for success with the “4F Golden Rules Of Video.”

In Module 2:
Learn to flip your focus to reduce self-doubt, and get clear on your business WHY. Rehearse within the “Abandon-Control Continuum.”

In Module 3:
Discover the tools of the trade, getting comfortable with surprisingly simple, cell phone video technology for quality lighting and audio.

In Module 4:
Dive into the 5 step visual breakdown of expressing emotions on screen. We focus on body language so you’re perceived as engaging and passionate.

In Module 5:
Jaeny reveals her trade secret performance techniques to snap you “into the zone” in 30 seconds. Ramp up your on-screen presence and authenticity!

In Module 6:
We bring it all together in the Shine Online Authentic Performance System.

Program Investment:
$997 per person

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