I hereby give you permission to be yourself on camera.

Capturing your passion and real personality on web video is the most powerful marketing tool you can use.

Most of us hide behind the safe corporate mask of “professionalism” but get this. People buy from people, not corporations. So the more human we are, the more business we’ll generate.

Here’s my human story.

I grew up in Toronto, lived in Thunder Bay and Winnipeg, but after falling in love with snowboarding and ultimate frisbee, I adopted my true West Coast nature in Vancouver.

As a seasoned journalist and CBC TV / Radio / Podcast host, I consistently doubled audience numbers. “Living Winnipeg” won a prestigious Gracie Allen Award in New York City after its first season. “Living Vancouver” got nominated for a Leo Award. It’s all about giving people high quality information in an engaging way.

For 5 years, I also worked with some of the best advertising agencies in the world, coordinating million dollar commercial film shoots. I know my way both behind and in front of a camera.

Part of my motivation comes from a horribly embarrassing experience in high school.

I was invited to Toronto City Hall after attending a business competition in Florida. We entered the council chamber and they called me up to the podium. Nobody told me I was giving a speech. I didn’t have a single thing prepared.

So I walked up, stared blankly at these “very important people” and promptly froze. Did not say a word.

That’s my vague recollection of it because I’ve repressed the memory of what happened next. After that, I developed serious anxiety over public speaking (wanting to throw up in the bathroom type stuff.)

It’s only because I had the opportunity to practice again and again that I got over it. I’ve also discovered the best tool is not to pretend to be a perfect version or yourself or someone else.

I’m here to tell you that you are enough.

If you run your business from a place of authenticity and truth – if you can step up as the face behind your business and share your expertise and knowledge – you will profoundly connect to your ideal clients and get noticed. That’s good business.

People are hungry to hear what you have to say.

Web Video is the way.

So let’s get you shining online.

 “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” – Dr. Seuss