Media Agency

Professional Video In Studio – 3 Hr Prep; 2 Hr Studio Shoot

• Content Development
• Professional Script Writing
• On-Camera Performance Coaching
• Wardrobe Consult
• Studio Rental
• Professional Lighting, Sound, Editing
• Professional Videography
• YouTube Upload

Relax. We take care of all the technical details. I focus on digging up the best part of your business story, and writing a script in your words. We rehearse your performance a week before the shoot date so by the time we film in studio, you’re confident, comfortable and charismatic on camera.

2 min video, straight to camera

Professional Video On Location – 3 Hr Prep; 3 – 4 Hr On Location Shoot

All the above but we bust out of the studio and go to your location.
This is you at your finest, in the zone, working with clients. We capture your service or product in action. I pre-interview you, as well as your favourite ideal client to shape a compelling story. We write a script, I coach your performance in a prep session a week before the shoot. During the shoot day, we film a client giving the best damned testimonial ever, as well as you both interacting, doing what you do best.

2 – 3 min video

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