The New Face of Video for Women | TEDx Talk

Last year, I spoke at the TEDx Distillery District event
in Toronto. What an exhilarating experience!

In this video, I discuss how to be authentic on camera and
teach performance techniques that allow entrepreneurs to
have their personalities shine online.

Learn secrets to conquer your fears of being on camera and
allow me to help transform you from ‘zero to hero’ on video!

What are your fears of being on camera?
Let us know in the comments below!

2 Responses to The New Face of Video for Women | TEDx Talk

  1. Jaeny, you are so adorable! Your passion is infectious. As for me, as someone who mentors young women and men of color, I can absolutely relate to what you say about how important it is for media to reflect back positive images for everyone, not just Caucasians. I enjoyed your talk and was especially struck by what you said about not hoping that one’s future self will be better. That hit home. Meanwhile, as someone who is in their mid-50s, let me tell you that full self-acceptance is much easier in this decade, particularly if you have had the courage to pursue your passion and you’ve been willing to come through the fire to make your dream happen.

    • Hi Deborah. Wow, the work that you do is so important! Thank you for your comment and for watching my talk! As I grow more “mature” I get closer and closer to self-acceptance. I feel as if it’s life long work, and good to hear that it gets easier in my 50s! Sounds like you have had the courage to pursue your passions. Kudos for spreading your light by mentoring others Deborah!

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