How to Succeed in Life

Ever felt like on the outside, your life looked like all kinds of success,
but something just didn’t feel right in your gut?

After a super-successful 2014 at Jaeny Baik Media Inc, 2015 was a year of
introspection and recalibration as I re-defined what success means to me.
I’m coming into 2016 with a bright new definition of what success means
for me and my business!

What does true success, without external expectations, mean to you?
Let us know in the comments below!

14 Responses to How to Succeed in Life

  1. love your reflections, Jaeny. I share the one about a daily routine that supports me and my business that propels it forward with ease and grace. 2. success means investing myself in loving and friend relationships (time and resources).. 3. Meaningful work both in volunteer and paid work – thank you for this moment of reflection

  2. Thanks for sharing this Jaeny. I love your redefinition of success. I whole-heartedly believe that’s the shift we need to make in order to achieve real peace and happiness. Good for you for taking that time out. I’ve done that a lot the last couple of years.
    Success to me is feeling peaceful, making some money, having time for things that matter (my son, outdoor exercise, a few friends).

  3. success – after a year of stress that I didn’t want and some serious rethinking of my lifestyle -1. a routine that helps me get my business work done, exercise done, fun time done (after retiring from teaching I didn’t realize how muchI missed the daily routine) 2. Friends – never miss an opportunity to be with them 3. personal relationship – keep it upbeat and stress free

    Mmm – all sound possible. Success here I come!

  4. Hi Jaeny, great start of year blog! Success to me is simple, happiness; that’s all, however you find it. It’s not a measure of how much money you make or how big your house is, it’s the joy you get out of simple pleasures, good food, friendships, relationships, nature, for example, and your business if that makes you happy. Wishing you a “successful” 2016 🙂

  5. Great to see you again Jaeny on video & good luck with your plans. Those are big items! I’m entering my crone stage of life & plan to be a trail blazing crone. I notice grey hair is popular now with young people, what fun!

  6. Too often people measure success by what they HAVE. Yet many people who HAVE aren’t happy.

    Better to define success from the inside out: who you ARE, then, what you DO, and finally, what you HAVE. Fulfillment only comes when these three are aligned.

    Living a life true to who one is, and becoming who one wants to become … that’s true success.

  7. Hi Jaeny – So happy, that you took a \”Time Out\” to figure out how you want to live on your own terms. Bravo! I think that sometimes people equate the size of their bank account to success. Like you, I have redefined what success looks like in \”My World\” I now look at success not as a dollar $ign, but how abundant I am from the rich experiences I create for myself everyday. No amount of money in my bank account can ever take the place of my family. So, I make it a priority everyday to have sit down dinners with my two daughters and husband. I schedule my business around my \”chief initiative\” – My family! 2015 was a remarkable (re-make) year and the challenge is to keep my chief initiative in the forefront of my mind when making decisions about my business. Thanks for sharing, very powerfulfor others seeking to have a work/life balance.

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