Shine Online Performance VIRTUAL Program

After training more than a thousand business owners on video, Jaeny Baik has developed the “Shine Online Authentic Performance System.” This system leverages the physical, mental and emotional elements required to deliver a powerful, engaging message on video.

Once these presentation skills are acquired, potential customers feel like they know, like and trust you on camera. Impactful online videos are essential for digital marketing today. All you need is a cell phone camera!

Here’s what you’ll discover!
– why so many people “freeze” or stiffen up when recorded on video.
– how to overcome that obstacle so potential customers want to work with you after watching your video.
– a step-by-step process so you know what to do every time you step in front of the camera.
– strategies to save time and record video blogs with ease using the Shine Online system.
– fun, practical exercises that train you to record technically strong videos so you’re proud to post them online. This program isn’t just theory!

The Shine Online Performance VIRTUAL Program is a combination of:
– multiple online video trainings in 6 modules.
– downloadable pdf guides and exercises so you can learn at your own pace.
– live webinar classrooms held every 2 weeks where questions are asked to ensure the understanding of key learning objectives, and to provide feedback on participant videos.

In Module 1:
We set the foundation for your video journey, targeting past insecurities. Set your new attitude for success with the “4F Golden Rules Of Video.”

In Module 2:
Learn to flip your focus to reduce self-doubt, and get clear on your business WHY. Rehearse within the “Abandon-Control Continuum.”

In Module 3:
Discover the tools of the trade, getting comfortable with surprisingly simple, cell phone video technology for quality lighting and audio.

In Module 4:
Dive into the 5 step visual breakdown of expressing emotions on screen. We focus on body language so you’re perceived as engaging and passionate.

In Module 5:
Jaeny reveals her trade secret performance techniques to snap you “into the zone” in 30 seconds. Ramp up your on-screen presence and authenticity!

In Module 6:
We bring it all together in the Shine Online Authentic Performance System.

Program Run Time: 6 modules x 1 hour per module
6 interactive virtual classroom trainings x 1 hour per webinar
= 12 hours total course time

Program Start: March 30, 2016
Ends on: June 22, 2016

Program Investment: $1997 per person

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You can download the course outline by CLICKING HERE.


About Jaeny Baik, the “Influence Training” Program Creator:
Jaeny Baik transforms entrepreneurs and executives from “zero to hero” on video. She has worked almost 20 years in media, including a decade as an award-winning reporter / TV host for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Jaeny holds a B.A. with Honours from the prestigious Trinity College at the University of Toronto, and has taken post-graduate studies in broadcast journalism at Ryerson University. She has also completed internal training courses at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for both radio and television.

Today, Jaeny helps entrepreneurs to conquer their video fears so they can secure more customers through online video marketing. Over the course of 6 years, more than a thousand entrepreneurs have trained under her programs. As a trainer, she’s led workshops in cities ranging from Victoria, St John’s, Dallas and Philadelphia. Participants walk away, a stronger spokesperson for their business with the understanding that performance skills can be learned.

As an in-demand speaker, her dynamic energy has lit up conference stages coast to coast across North America, including her recent TEDx talk. Jaeny Baik Media Inc. trains on-camera performance skills, and crafts stories and pitches with authenticity. Jaeny’s passion? Giving entrepreneurs a voice through video.

Don’t get left behind. You can SHINE online!


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    • Hi Tikiri! I have put the virtual program on hold as I am focusing on the Shine Online Performance One-On-One program. I had emailed you regarding that program a few weeks ago. Let me know if you have any questions about that. Thanks!

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