Pro-Video Pitch, Script and Shoot

Most entrepreneurs have no idea how to strategically talk about their business. Without a clear video script, business owners can confuse customers and turn them off. Even worse, they ramble on with no point to what they’re saying.

We can teach you to avoid these pitfalls.

The Pro-Video Pitch, Script and Shoot program is a 3 day live event. By the end of this program, you will…

– create outstanding marketing messages and videos that keep customers coming back for more
– write 3 video blog scripts, including a punchy 30 sec elevator pitch that you’ll be proud to deliver at your next networking party
– walk away with a professionally filmed video, complete with your logo, ready to post on your website homepage. This leaves customers with a memorable first impression

This script writing course goes beyond just writing. What you’ll learn is how to talk about your business in a new way… a way that gets potential customers leaning in, interested in what you have say, and hungry to learn more about you and your business.
Program Run Time: 2 days x 7 hours per day = 14 hours total course time *day 3 we film your professional video

Program Investment: $2497 +tax per person

Professional Video Investment: $500 +tax per person

Total Investment: $2997 +tax per person

Next Program: November 8, 9, 10, 2016


About Jaeny Baik, the Pro-Video Pitch, Script and Shoot Course Trainer:

Jaeny transforms entrepreneurs from “zero to hero” on video. She overcame her camera fear and worked a decade as an award-winning broadcaster/TV host for the CBC.

Today Jaeny helps entrepreneurs break through their video insecurities. More than a thousand entrepreneurs have trained under her “Shine Online” system to share their message. As a speaker, her dynamic energy has lit up stages coast to coast including her TEDx talk.

Jaeny Baik Media Inc. produces videos, trains on-camera performance skills, crafts stories and pitches with authenticity. Her passion? Giving entrepreneurs voice through video. Don’t get left behind. You can SHINE online!

You can download the course outline by CLICKING HERE.

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