Video: More Than Meets The Eye

Traveling can stimulate your senses with heightened feelings of touch, taste, smell, sight and sound.

So experience your full “feeling range” when recording your videos! You’ll give a more authentic performance when you’re in tune with all of your senses.

Watch what happened for me here!

Staying present in the moment, while feeling your senses will make a huge difference to how you come across on video.

See how Phoenix, Arizona inspired me!

Make It Up!

Makeup is really important when making a video, but if a professional makeup artist isn’t in your budget, you can still look your best with this handy tip.

Special note for the guys: It’s a good idea to get some foundation or powder, just to even out your skin tone. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. 🙂

p.s. Sorry for the shaky camera. I was trying to record a video blog quickly before the studio crew turned off the lights. I’ll show you the lights next week!

Simple Technique To Keep Video Engaging

I’m at the dentist’s to show with you a simple technique that will make sure you look your best on video. You’ll become instantly approachable! Can you guess what it is?

What’s the perk of becoming more approachable on video? Your viewers are potential customers, and they’re way more likely to buy from you if you make them comfortable.

Watch the video, then try it today and see how other people react. Hey! You’ve got nothing to lose, right? 🙂