Shine Online Performance Program

After coaching more than a thousand people on video, Jaeny has developed the Shine Online Authentic Performance System. This system leverages the mental, emotional, physical and soulful energies required to produce an impactful, authentic video presence.

By the end of the Shine Online Performance Program, you will…
– Outperform 90% of the entrepreneurs out there using video
– Discover how to maximize video to save you time and energy, while attracting more customers.
– Skip the awkward, embarrassing and painful period of performing poorly on video. Instead, you will embody elite performance techniques and know exactly what to do in front of a camera.

It can take business owners YEARS to get comfortable on camera, with a lot of anxiety, embarrassment and fear of looking bad. With the Shine Online Program, we’ll fast track you to becoming truly masterful in communicating your message on video, in a safe, and fun environment.

Over the course, you will…

Phase 1:
– Cultivate the “video mindset”
– Content development for video blog topics
– Optimize the 3 key formula to write engaging video scripts

Phase 2:
– Understand and integrate foundational performance techniques and principles: hands, eyes, facial expression, body language
– Solidify the technical basics of cell phone video recording: lighting, sound, framing
– Self-record and self-review performance with objective assessment guidelines

Phase 3:
– Inject your business personality by taking creative risks
– Tackle advanced Performance Techniques (eg. show me, don’t tell me, 2 way conversation)
– Learn how to love yourself on video

Course Capacity:
Individualized Training
Minimum 1, Maximum 10 participants
Course Instructional Time = 9 hours (6 sessions @ 1.5 hours each)
Course Assignment Time = 12.5 hours
Total Training Time = 21.5 hours
Course duration = 6 months (1 session per month)
Program Investment: $3,500 + GST / person
Program Location: BC Tech Association Innovation Hub

Company Workshop
Minimum 4 participants, maximum 20 participants
3 days x 7 hours per day = 21 hours total course time
Program Investment: $15,000 + GST

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You can download the course outline by CLICKING HERE.


About Jaeny Baik, the Shine Online Course Trainer:

Jaeny transforms entrepreneurs from “zero to hero” on video. She overcame her camera fear and worked a decade as an award-winning broadcaster/TV host for the CBC.

Today Jaeny helps entrepreneurs break through their video insecurities. More than a thousand entrepreneurs have trained under her “Shine Online” system to share their message. As a speaker, her dynamic energy has lit up stages coast to coast including her TEDx talk.

Jaeny Baik Media Inc. produces videos, trains on-camera performance skills, crafts stories and pitches with authenticity. Her passion? Giving entrepreneurs voice through video. Don’t get left behind. You can SHINE online!


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