3 Responses to Watch Out For This When Video Blogging

  1. Great quote, Jaeny! Love this story and the fact that you shared it with us. As a Career Coach, I too often discuss with clients how damaging comparison-making can be. Nice to know that even uber cool people like YOU are plagued by this tendency. Congrats on your media attention and keep up the great work!

  2. You ARE lucky! And you are beautiful, so funny and wonderfully vulnerable! Loved seeing you “on camera” after having met you at your amazing workshop last week. Hope to see you soon! Susan

  3. Super tips! For many of us blogging is a chore… so I’m ready to embark on video blogging this summer (when I have time and my business slows down)

    Video is most powerful when it’s on your homepage (and it should never be set to automatically play!) Every journalist who has contacted me has said it was my VIDEO that sold them.

    This blog highlights how to get interviews and the interview was about marketing videos! http://mccabemarketing.ca/blogs/comments/how-to-get-media-interviews

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