Make It Up!

Makeup is really important when making a video, but if a professional makeup artist isn’t in your budget, you can still look your best with this handy tip.

Special note for the guys: It’s a good idea to get some foundation or powder, just to even out your skin tone. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. 🙂

p.s. Sorry for the shaky camera. I was trying to record a video blog quickly before the studio crew turned off the lights. I’ll show you the lights next week!

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  1. Thanks Jenny! I just watched your video on the backdrop to your video. I have a freind Percy von Lipinski who is a top BBC iReporter and he suggested using a green screen to insert any background you want. What do you think? It was nice meeting you before Jeany. I would love to see you again. Much metta, Brian

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