The New Face of Video for Women | TEDx Talk

Last year, I spoke at the TEDx Distillery District event
in Toronto. What an exhilarating experience!

In this video, I discuss how to be authentic on camera and
teach performance techniques that allow entrepreneurs to
have their personalities shine online.

Learn secrets to conquer your fears of being on camera and
allow me to help transform you from ‘zero to hero’ on video!

What are your fears of being on camera?
Let us know in the comments below!

How to Succeed in Life

Ever felt like on the outside, your life looked like all kinds of success,
but something just didn’t feel right in your gut?

After a super-successful 2014 at Jaeny Baik Media Inc, 2015 was a year of
introspection and recalibration as I re-defined what success means to me.
I’m coming into 2016 with a bright new definition of what success means
for me and my business!

What does true success, without external expectations, mean to you?
Let us know in the comments below!

Lisa Nichols Blew Me Away! Her Daily Ritual

I had the chance to hear Lisa Nichols speak at the eWomenNetwork Conference. She’s been featured on “The Secret,” Oprah, Larry King Live, etc. and she’s one of my favourites.

Lisa brought me up on stage for some laser coaching. With my “knees knocking” and voice quivering, she helped me communicate my story with intense vulnerability and emotion. It was phenomenal!

At a previous conference, I got a few minutes with her and she shared her daily ritual. This will fill you up, so you can go out and and give so much more to your clients and customers. It’s simple and powerful. You can do it today.

Introverted Entrepreneurs Listen Up!

Recently I met Ravy Mehroke, the co-founder/owner of the successful Bombay Brow Bar.

I love that Ravi’s a self-professed introvert.
So why does she speak at events and how does she handle it?

We met at an event hosted by the Vancouver Board of Trade.
Afterward, I impromptu asked if I could interview her on my cell phone camera.

Thanks to BMO for the invite and for supporting women entrepreneurs!

Simple Eye Make Up For Video

When I first started working in TV, I really struggled doing my own make up…until I learned one technique that made my life so much easier!

A client asked me to record a video, because she thought my make up looked natural. So here is my very first make up tutorial.

It all boils down to this tool. You may want to run out and buy one!